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Trillium Vineyard

It's All in the Name

When Karen was a little girl, her great aunt would take her on wildflower hikes.  They would walk woodlands, pastures, and roadsides in search of wildflowers.  Auntee would identify each, and Karen was enthralled.  Karen loved discovering the tiny Bluets or Quaker Ladies, the wild ginger that looked like little brown jugs, and seeing the "ruby" in the center of Queen Ann's Lace. But her favorite of all was the simple but majestic Trillium Grandiflora.  Karen loved the symbolism of the Trinity found in the Trillium plant.  There are three of everything:  three leaves, three sepals, three petals.  Bruce and Karen decided to name their vineyard Trillium in honor of the Trinity and as a symbol of their faith.  Look closely at the logo, and you will see the trillium in the center of the grape cluster.