Team Trillium

Let our staff create a delightful experience for you.  Our hope is that their warm smiles and friendly conversation will make you feel at home.

– Sunny Crane/tasting room manager

Koselig  [koosh-lee]


  •  to create coziness, well-being, connection, and warmth
  • the art of building sanctuary and community
  • a feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other
  • celebrating the everyday
  • the feeling you get at Trillium Vineyard
Bruce and Karen Cross+
Bruce and Karen Cross, Owners/winemaker
Bruce Cross, Jr.+
Bruce Cross, Jr., Winery/tasting room/tour guide/label designer
Sunny Crane+
Sunny Crane, Tasting Room Manager/Event Coordinator
Erik Griewisch+
Erik Griewisch, Vineyard Manager
Krissy Gibbs+
Krissy Gibbs, Tasting Room
Katie Berryhill+
Katie Berryhill, Tasting Room
David Gibbs+
David Gibbs, Vineyard/Huckster maintenance


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