Like people, our wines are a reflection of where they are grown.

– bruce cross, owner/winemaker

The soil, the climate, and the selection of grapes play an important role in the final outcome of the wine.  The French call it “terroir”.  We call it “roots”.  Where are you from?  Where did you grow up?  Wines made from the same grape varieties that are grown just a few miles apart can taste subtly or substantially different.  They have a flavor unique to their home.  Haralson County, GA has a rich history of viticulture and wine making.  The glory days were in the late 1800s and early 1900s until Prohibition.  Trillium is striving to awaken that almost forgotten tradition.  Come taste the delightful sense of place that is evident in our wines.

Main Vineyard

Location: Gently rolling hills in the Piedmont region of west Georgia;  elevation 1200 ft

Vines:  Planted in 2013 with Blanc du Bois, Villard Blanc, Norton, and Lenoir

Soil: Madison gravelly loam

Tasting Room Vineyard

Location: Located behind the tasting room and adjacent to the owners’ home

Vines: Planted in 2015 with Lenoir on the Watson trellis system

Soil:  Since this vineyard is adjacent to a creek, the soil is sandy and well drained.  The roots reach deeply into the soil and soak up the moisture from the creek.  Irrigation is not necessary.


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