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Trillium Vineyard

Karen Cross
July 11, 2017 | Vineyard | Karen Cross


Veraison is the term used for the beginning of ripening when the color of the grapes begin to change.  The white grapes change from matte green to a lustrous, translucent gold, and the red clusters are a kaleidoscope of green, pink, purple, and blue.

Veraison 2017 is just beginning in the vineyards of Trillium.  Blanc du Bois is always first, but LeNoir has already begun the metamorphosis as well.  Its clusters are now a bluish green...the first step toward true veraison.  Veraison is the hope for harvest.  It is the sign that in about three to four weeks, the grapes will be ready for picking.  It is the promise that we will soon see the fruits of our labor.

It is appropriate that as true veraison is happening in the vineyard, a different type of veraison is happening for our business.  For five years, we have prayed, dreamed, planned, and worked.  And, we are about to share the fruits of our labor with you.  The tasting room is ready.  We will open as soon as we receive our labels which are being printed now.

The wine from our own grapes will not be ready until November/December.  So, in order to be able to open the tasting room sooner, Bruce and I went to some friends in Texas and purchased some of their wine in bulk.  We brought it home in a refrigerated truck, gave it a few tweaks to make it our own, and will finish bottling it this week.  Our friends live on the high plains of Texas, and they are able to grow grape varietals that are different from ours.  Some of the varietals you will know and recognize, and some will be new to you.  A few of you have tasted the wine and chosen your favorites.  We already have a waiting list;  the feedback has been very encouraging!  You can rest assured that these grapes were grown with the same loving care that we give our own and that the wine was made by a family who works well together toward a common goal.  Their wine, like ours, is a labor of love.

God gives us hope, promises and glimpses of things to come in many different ways.  Veraison is a beautiful, visual example.





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