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Trillium Vineyard

Pronking White

Pronking White

Pronk: one of the gaits of an alpaca in which
all four legs are used to push off the
ground at once, moving the animal forward
by leaps and bounds, often as an
expression of happiness.
As dusk falls in the vineyard, we watch a
heartwarming sight in the adjacent alpaca
pastures. The babies, or crias, begin to chase
each other in their final play before
settling down with their mamas for the night.
The crias bounce around the pasture
with all four feet off the ground in an expression
of pure joy. Often the adults join
the fun. This happy and playful gait is called
We think Trillium Vineyard’s Pronking White
will certainly bring a smile to your face and
may even cause you to leap for
joy. We hope it will become a part of your
daily celebration of life.

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Product Reviews
Walt's Gravatar
(Sep 3, 2018 at 3:09 PM)
My wife and I like a sweet wine. This hit the mark exactly. One of the best we have ever enjoyed. Will be making a drive to Trillium soon for some more. Also, the reusable glass topper is a nice extra.

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